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MilkFlex Get Started

The information you provide in the following application will be stored on a secure server in the European Economic Area (“EEA”). You can find further information about how and why we use your personal data and the rights that you have in relation to it at www.financeireland.ie/privacy.

As part of our suitability assessment we will use the details you provide in the following application form to conduct a Central Credit Register check & Stubbs Gazette Check. We will contact all parties to the loan to ensure we can carry out the relevant Credit checks, Central Credit Register & Stubbs Gazette.

The Central Credit Registry will keep a record of our enquiry about you. Please note that we carry out a check on the Register of Beneficial Owners to confirm the ownership/shareholding of the company.

If applying as a limited company, we require the name, date of birth and phone number of each partner/director/shareholders. Where you provide us with the personal data of a third party, you must take steps to inform the third party that you have disclosed their details to us and direct them to our FI Privacy Notice.

Please note, in order to qualify for a MilkFlex loan, you must be a supplier of a participating co-op for a minimum of 1 year.
For more information please contact our office on 01 647 0255.

Personal Details - 2nd Applicant

Where you are applying for a Milkflex facility and for the purposes of this confirmation, “Milkflex Supplier Information” means:

  1. the volume of milk supplied by the Applicant to the applicable Co-Op in the previous three (3) years
  2. the revenue realised, in connection with the volume of milk referred to in paragraph (a) above
  3. the milk supply agreement in place between the applicable Co-Op and the Applicant, including details of guaranteed volume limits, if applicable
  4. any bad debt history of the Applicant, if relevant with the Co-Op
  5. information in the Co-Op’s possession in relation to any notifiable disease in any herd owned by the Applicant or on any farm operated by the Applicant
  6. confirmation if the Applicant has participated in or is participating in a Sustainable Dairy Assurance Scheme or equivalent
Please note that if you are not happy for us to contact the Co-Op and/or Accountant set out above, you will be required to provide us with a copy of this information directly for the purposes of your application.