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We offer a range of asset finance options for SMEs and Sole Traders including Hire Purchase, Lease and Contract Hire. Click here to view our finance options.

We are a Strategic Banking Corporation of Ireland (SBCI) approved lender, meaning we can pass on the benefit of lower rate funds to qualifying SMEs and Sole Traders. Find out more about the SBCI fund here.

We make credit decisions locally, meaning we can turn around applications much faster than traditional lenders. If you are unsure about which product is the best fit for your business, our asset finance team are at hand to help you find the option that is best for you.

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Our Business SME & Leasing Financing Options


SME Leasing allows small to medium enterprises to finance assets including cars, commerical vehicles, plant and machinery and many other types of equipment. Lease terms are usually between 2 to 5 years and provide the SME with fixed monthly rental repayments for the term (payment may be V.A.T deductable where registered and where applicable).


  • Use of Equipment as if you own it.
  • Fixed monthly payment over fixed term of 2 – 5 years.
  • Initial capital outlay preserved which helps preserve cash flow.
  • VAT element of rental can be reclaimed if registered for VAT.
  • 100% finance provided.

Hire Purchase

Hire purchase is an agreement whereby fixed plant / equipment / vehicles are purchased by the leasing / HP Company on behalf of the customer and hired for an agreed term. On completion of the term, ownership generally passes to the customer for a nominal sum.


  • Own Equipment at end of term
  • Fixed payment over term 2 – 5 years
  • Flexible repayments where required Monthly/ Quarterly/ Half yearly / Seasonal.
  • VAT can be reclaimed immediately providing you are registered for VAT.
  • Flexible deposits

Contract Hire

Vehicle Leasing these agreements allow our customers to rent/hire a vehicle for a set monthly payment over a fixed period, generally over 3-4 years. Because the monthly payment takes into account the residual value of the vehicle after the contract term, the monthly payment is lower than hire purchase or lease i.e. there is no requirement for the user to pay the entire capital cost. Contract hire agreements can include maintenance packages.


  • No large capital outlay.
  • Fixed monthly repayment over 24 – 48 months.
  • Reduced payment.
  • Maintenance build in if required.
  • No risk of depreciation, return car at end of term and start again.
  • Drive a new car with all the benefits.

Rental Agreement

Vendor Finance Rental agreements are leasing facilities available for approved office equipment suppliers to enable SME’s finance photocopiers, printers, telecommunication equipment and business equipment in general. Lease terms tend to be in the range of 2-5 years with fixed monthly / quarterly rental agreements. Maintenance packages are also available and payments are VAT deductible where applicable.


  • Fixed monthly /Quarterly repayments.
  • No large outlay of capital
  • Use of up-to-date equipment /technology.
  • Maintenance can be built into agreement if required.
  • Fixed term from 2 to 5 years


FundEquip is an award-winning low-cost term loan designed to help dairy farmers buy farm equipment or fund new outhouses or other farm buildings for a set monthly payment over a fixed period of 3 or 5 years. Seasonal payments between April to November are inclusive with repayment deduction from monthly milk receipt. Customers are eligible for SBCI funding and for targeted agricultural modernisation schemes (TAMs grants). This innovative product is available thorugh our Nationwide panel of participating Co-ops.
* Farmers must with with their partnered co-op for 12+ months to avail of this product offering. Co-op partnered Farmers must have a current MSA in place, no asset based security required.


  • Low-cost finance over 3 or 5 years
  • May avail of TAMS grant on specific equipment.
  • Seasonal repayments April – November to suit milk production.
  • Loan size - €3000 - €75,000
  • Farmer must be supplying milk to an approved Co op for minimum 12 months.
What type of assets do we finance?


  • Vans
  • Cars
  • Minibus
  • Rigid Trucks
  • Artic Truck


  • Tractor
  • Mower
  • Bulk Tank
  • Feeder
  • Trailer
  • Quad
  • Slurry Tanker
  • Bailer
  • Teleporters
  • Loaders


  • Excavator
  • Trailer
  • Teleporters
  • Loaders
  • Generator
  • Dumper Truck
  • Cherry Picker
  • Rock Crushers


  • Forklift
  • Specialised Robotics


  • Printers
  • IT Equipment

Medical & Dental

  • Surgical Equipment
  • Dental Equipment
  • Vetinary Equipment
  • Medical Diagnostic Equipment
  • Radiogrpahy Equipment
  • General Medical Equipment for Hospitals and Clinics

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