Case Studies

Here are examples of some of the deals that Finance Ireland has completed.
Dublin Multi-family Residential
Deal Value: €16.2m

Portfolio of city centre pre-63 properties at 65% LTV. The facility allows flexibility for refurbishment and lease up of vacant properties, post-delivery of stabilised rentals.

Dublin Hospitality/ Leisure
Deal Value: €10.6m

Facilities totalling €10.6m at 100% of funding requirement and 70% LTV, supported by strong EBITDA involving re-finance of existing facilities with pillar bank and non-bank lenders, which allowed the borrower to maximise trading performance while preparing for future expansion.

Dublin Mixed Use Retail / Residential
Deal Value: €4.2m

Loan of €3.4m representing 100% of refinancing requirement to refinance a pillar bank on a prime industrial asset to facilitate estate planning. The facility was at 67% LTV over 5 years with a cash sweep to accelerate paydown, pending delivery of a lease renewal. A subsequent €1.3m facility on a mixed use portfolio at similar gearing was drawn 4 months later.

Dublin Office
Deal Value: €13.5m

Facilities at 74% LTV to acquire two office buildings with a mixed asset management and redevelopment strategy. The assets have high occupancy on short leases and licenses, with high quality covenants.

Dublin Industrial/ Office
Deal Value: €9.5m

Facilities at 100% of funding requirement and 55% LTV to refinance an industrial/ offi ce asset from a private fi nancing. The asset has full occupancy on short leases, and the financing supports the preparation of the asset for redevelopment.

Limerick Industrial / Commercial
Deal Value: €3.8m

Equity release to 70% LTV for 5-year term on an industrial/ commercial asset with strong occupational history but relatively short lease profile. The facility allowed the borrower to finance an unrelated development opportunity.