Case Studies Commercial Property

Case Studies

Here are examples of some of the deals that Finance Ireland has completed.

Dublin multifamily residential
Deal Value: €16.2m

Portfolio of city centre pre-63 properties at 65% LTV. The facility allows fl exibility for refurbishment and lease up of vacant properties, post-delivery of stabilised rentals.

Dublin hospitality/ leisure
Deal Value: €10.6m

Facilities totalling €10.6m at 100% of funding requirement and 70% LTV, supported by strong EBITDA involving re-finance of existing facilities with pillar bank and non-bank lenders, which allowed the borrower to maximise trading performance while preparing for future expansion.

Dublin mixed use retail / residential
Deal Value: €4.2m

Loan of €3.4m representing 100% of refinancing requirement to refinance a pillar bank on a prime industrial asset to facilitate estate planning. The facility was at 67% LTV over 5 years with a cash sweep to accelerate paydown, pending delivery of a lease renewal.  A subsequent €1.3m facility on a mixed use portfolio at similar gearing was drawn 4 months later.

Dublin office
Deal Value: €13.5m

Facilities at 74% LTV to acquire two office buildings with a mixed asset management and redevelopment strategy. The assets have high occupancy on short leases and licenses, with high quality covenants.

Dublin industrial/ office
Deal Value: €9.5m

Facilities at 100% of funding requirement and 55% LTV to refinance an industrial/ offi ce asset from a private fi nancing. The asset has full occupancy on short  leases, and the financing supports the preparation of the asset for redevelopment.

Limerick industrial / commercial
Deal Value: €3.8m

Equity release to 70% LTV for 5-year term on an industrial/ commercial asset with strong occupational history but relatively short lease profile. The facility allowed the borrower to finance an unrelated development opportunity

Limerick, Cork and provincial mixed use
Deal Value: €11.8m

Loans to fund the refinance and acquisition of a portfolio of residential, and mixed-use assets, and provide capex to complete refurbishment of the residential. LTC of 100% & 41% LTV on the residential facility and 96% LTC & 67% LTV on the mixed-use facility.

Dublin residential
Deal Value: €7.1m

Refi nance of a loan fund at 64% LTV for 5-year term. The facility had an interest only and bridging finance element to enable the borrower to phase an element of disposals to suit market, manage repayments to lower yielding income assets, and term out the balance on attractive terms.

Cork office
Deal Value: €2.1m

60% LTV on a prime city centre offi ce building for 5-year term to refinance a performing pillar bank loan. Our facility offered a longer dated maturity and  amortisation profile than the bank could off e

Provincial mixed use
Deal Value: €10.8m

Loans at 67% LTV to refinance a performing pillar bank facility and fund capex to enable additional lettings while providing repayment flexibility not forthcoming
from the incumbent lender. The loans represented 100% of financing requirement with a long-dated high-quality covenant.

Provincial hotel / leisure
Deal Value: €2.4m

Facilities at 87% LTC and 61% LTV to release equity on a long-established provincial hotel & leisure centre with good EBITDA to part fund the purchase of adjoining units.

Dublin bridging finance
Deal Value: €5.4m

12-month facility of €5m plus interest roll up, representing 47% LTV. The facility funded the demolition of a property, site clearance & preparation for future development pending revised planning.

Dublin leisure development
Deal Value: €1.6m

€1.4m development facility, plus interest roll up,representing 100% LTC and peak LTGDV of 69% to fund site and development, pre-let to a wellestablished leisure operator.

Dublin industrial
Deal Value: €10.7m

Facilities to fund the purchase of a central Dublin industrial estate for a 4-year term. The facilities provide the borrower with fl exibility around leases and  repayments to enable optimum asset management.

Galway mixed use
Deal Value: €4.8m

Facility in the personal name of the borrower to part fund a settlement with a loan fund representing 68% LTC and 52% LTV. The portfolio is primarily made up of industrial units with office & retail making up the balance.

Dublin industrial development
Deal Value: €1.1m

€1m development facility plus interest roll up to part fund the construction of a 28,000 sq ft industrial property within the M50 in west Dublin. LTC of 50% and peak LTGDV of 36%.

Dublin residential portfolio
Deal Value: €8.2m

Portfolio of pre-63 properties located in city centre locations. Initial exposure of €0.65m, with facilities now advanced totaling €8.2m. Portfolio leverage of 70% LTV pre-refurbishment, with post refurbishment LTV of 55%, 5 year variable commitment. The original loan was an equity release against an unencumbered property, allowing for successive property purchases by the promoter, which required refurbishment and re-letting.

Dublin industrial
Deal Value: €3.4m

Mixed use industrial/ retail portfolio, which included some occupational planning uncertainty and a requirement for part of the loan to be directly to an individual. Loan of €3.4m at 100% of financing requirement (62% LTV), over 5 years. The promoters required simultaneous settlement of facilities with a bank and a loan fund, requiring cross person/ company guarantees, with additional collateral security.

Provincial residential and retail bridge
Deal Value: €2.8m

A portfolio of provincial assets to facilitate refinancing a loan fund and enabling final settlement of a borrower’s wider legacy issues.  The transaction involved provision of 80% of the total financing requirement on a 12 month bridging basis pending an element of portfolio sales and the introduction of further equity from the borrower’s trading business.

Provincial residential bridge
Deal Value: €1.5m

Acquisition of an estate of residential property, with a refurbishment requirement to enable portfolio disposal. Loan of €1.5m at 65% of acquisition cost, over a 2 year period. The facility included an advance to support a pre-agreed refurbishment programme.