Homeloan Affordability Calculator

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Minimum income € 18,000

Using and Interpreting the Calculator

Entering Income

Gross Annual Income

Please enter the customer’s gross annual income before any deductions. Where the customer works more than one job, add both gross incomes together.

Additional / Variable Income

Where 3 years evidence available – 100%

Step 1 - Please input the average of any bonus / commission / overtime earned by the applicant for the last 3 years (reference P60’s / salary cert etc).

Step 2 For car and/or shift allowance, we do not apply an average. Please add the current level of each to the overall variable income number – i.e. what is their car allowance now & what is their shift allowance now. Please note that 3 years evidence of each is still required.

The calculator will take 100% of total variable income, capped at a maximum of 50% of overall basic income per applicant.

Where less than 3 years evidence available – 50%

Please enter a total for all additional / variable income earned in the last year. The calculator will take 50% of the number submitted.

Entering Commitments

Monthly unsecured debt repayments

Please total all non-mortgage debt repayments (e.g. personal loans, credit cards etc)

Buy to Let portfolio mortgage repayment

If the customer has one or more buy to lets, please input the total monthly mortgage repayments for all such properties.

Buy to Let portfolio rent

If the customer has one or more buy to lets, please input the total monthly rent received for all such properties.

The Result

Income multiple

If the applicants meet the 3.5 times income rule, this box will display a ‘YES’. Where this test is failed, the word ‘NO’ will appear.


If the applicants pass affordability assessment, this box will display a ‘YES’. Where this test is failed, the word ‘NO’ will appear.

Applicable rate

The calculator will return the applicable fixed or variable rate based on the customer’s LTV. Where the customer has had significant historic credit impairment, alternative rates may apply.

Monthly repayment

The monthly mortgage repayment based on the rate, term and loan amount sought.

Maximum loan amount

This result is capped at 3.5 times gross income(s). Where your client does not qualify for the amount sought, this box will display the maximum loan amount the customer can achieve. In such instances, simply input this revised figure into the ‘Loan amount required’ box and recalculate to get the applicable rate and repayment.

Policy exceptions

For all LTI and LTV policy exceptions please contact your Business Development Manager.

Printing & Saving Calculations


Once you have completed a calculation, simply click the ‘Get PDF’ button. This will produce a PDF summary of the scenario that you can save or print as required.

This calculator is a reference guide for mortgage professionals accredited to distribute Finance Ireland Residential Mortgages products. The results of this calculator do not constitute a formal offer of credit. It is made available on a strictly confidential basis and must not be distributed to any person or organisation without the prior written consent of Finance Ireland Residential Mortgages. Lending terms and conditions will apply.


Income multiple


Applicable rate


Monthly Repayment


Maximum loan amount


Maximum Allowable
€1,250,000 Dublin city & county
€750,000 all other areas